We offer customized development
solutions according to your

We offer customized development solutions according to your requirement. Our extensive network allows the implementation of complete development projects from product concept to production launch. Also, any single part of the development process can be covered.

We realize according to your specifications and needs feasibility studies, project management, system-level development, optical component development, calculation/simulation of optical components, technical documentation, verification and validation at system level or of optical components.

The approval and certification of medical devices (Europe and USA) and - after reaching the production stage - the final design transfer to the customer's production are also included in our portfolio. If requested, also a validation of an external production at a supplier specialized on medical device manufacturing can be offered.

The development of required sub-components, such as electronics, mechanics, software, etc. can be performed by the specialized experts in our development network according to our specifications and under our direction. Alternatively, these sub-steps can be performed by your own capacity or through partners specified by yourself.

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